Our Team

We, at NeuroWave, are dedicated to safer patient care and better outcomes through innovative brain monitoring & drug delivery technologies. Our team is our most valuable resource and includes people with strong multi-disciplinary expertise in leading-edge biomedical research and medical device development. Our highly-skilled human capital is comprised of dedicated and talented engineers, scientists & researchers, software developers, business managers, quality & manufacturing professionals, regulatory & clinical compliance professionals, and legal & intellectual property experts with extensive experience in the medical device industry.

NeuroWave Systems Inc. is an ISO 13485 medical device company, committed to developing and commercializing the highest quality products for brain function monitoring and automation in anesthesia. Our team specializes in advanced signal processing technologies, control engineering, medical software, developement of electrophysiological monitoring devices and infusion systems according to the latest applicable safety, EMC, risk assessment, and software IEC/ISO/UL standards for medical devices.

We are further committed to protecting and maximizing the value of the technologies we develop. We have assembled a large portfolio of intellectual property assets consisting of US and international patents, trademarks, and copyrights. 

Our History

NeuroWave was formed in 2003 with a focus on developing advanced brain monitoring solutions incorporating state-of-the-art algorithms for automated assessment of brain function and with a vision for future use in closed-loop anesthesia to empower clinicians to deliver safer and improved patient care.