...because monitoring the brain matters!

NeuroWave Systems Inc. is a dynamic ISO 13485 medical device company, committed to innovation and commercialization of the highest quality medical devices. 

NeuroWave is proud to offer the NeuroSENSE® Monitor with EasyPrepTM electrodes, the latest generation of brain monitors for patient-customized anesthesia and sedation delivery.


NeuroSENSE NS-901 Monitor

The NeuroSENSE is a unique bilateral brain function monitor that simultaneously displays independent indices of anesthetic effect for each side of the brain and responds instantaneously to changes in patient state. This greater insight into the brain of anesthetized or sedated patients assists clinicians in detecting brain function asymmetry (due to, for example, unilateral pathology) and in making optimal decisions for safer and improved patient care. 


NeuroSENSE OEM Module

The NeuroSENSE OEM Module is a compact and lightweight device that integrates both EEG acquisition and processing electronics. The device provides patient isolation, cardiac defibrillation protection, and our full suite of real-time EEG processing algorithms for a complete turn-key solution, which can be customized to operate with any host monitor with an appropriate serial communication port, including USB.


EasyPrep EK-901 Electrodes

The EasyPrep electrodes are proprietary disposable EEG electrodes, which are designed specifically for NeuroWave's brain monitoring technologies. Our electrodes ensure acquisition of high-fidelity micro-volt EEG signals, along with facilitating rapid and easy use even by non-specialists.

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