Our Mission

NeuroWave Systems Inc.'s mission is to develop, manufacture & market innovative monitoring & drug delivery medical devices using advanced neurophysiological signal processing & control system engineering for Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Military Medicine, to improve patient safety, outcomes and quality of life.

Our Quality Policy

NeuroWave Systems Inc. is committed to uncompromised quality, reliability and value throughout our business which is dedicated to improving patient outcome and quality of life.

We pledge to design, develop and provide innovative products, services and solutions which anticipate the needs of our customers and strive to consistently meet and exceed their expectations.

We value safety, integrity and respect of our colleagues and customers, and are dedicated to ethics and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The success of NeuroWave is achieved through the commitment of our team of professionals, our dedicated culture of Quality, and our aspiration to continually improve every aspect of our business.