...because monitoring the brain matters!


We believe that continued development in neuromonitoring will provide additional important insights into the well-being of the brain of patients in the OR, ICU, ER, and other clinical settings. Improved neurological outcomes and cerebral protection are the milestones yet to be achieved to advance patient care. NeuroWave is at the forefront of this emerging field and is committed to the innovation and commercialization of intelligent brain monitors for immediate, easy-to-use and reliable assessment of the brain, similar to what is currently available for the heart.

NeuroWave is also committed to automation of the delivery of intravenous sedatives and analgesics to better control their administration by targeting a desired level of our WAVCNS index of brain activity. This technology acts as an auto-pilot for anesthesia and sedation delivery and represents a paradigm shift for medical professionals who will now be able to titrate the drugs to a desired effect instead of a dose. Aiming to improve patient safety and outcome while reducing the care provider’s workload, this closed-loop control technology will transform the practice of anesthesia to benefit patients worldwide.​


Our R&D efforts are dedicated to continually improving our current product line and adding to our growing portfolio of innovative medical device technologies. We are pioneering systems that will automate anesthesia and sedation delivery. Our portable and easy-to-use research platforms vertically integrate proprietary infusion pumps with clinically tested closed-loop control algorithms and state-of-the-art signal processing of brain waves to achieve continuous, automated drug delivery based on reliable assessment of the patient brain state.           

We are focused on the following core research areas: