...because monitoring the brain matters!


We believe that innovation in neuromonitoring will provide much needed insight into the well-being of the brain of patients in the OR, ICU, ER, and other clinical settings. Improved neurological outcomes and cerebral protection are the milestones yet to be achieved for advancing patient care of the future. NeuroWave is at the forefront of this emerging field and is committed to continued development and commercialization of intelligent brain monitors for immediate, easy-to-use and reliable assessment of the brain, akin to what is currently available for the heart.


Our R&D efforts are dedicated to continually improving our current product line and adding to our growing portfolio of innovative patient monitoring technologies. Our portable and easy-to-use systems incorporate state-of-the-art digital acquisition and sophisticated signal processing algorithms of brain waves and other biosignals for continuous, automated, and reliable assessment of the patient’s state.

We are focused on the following core research areas:


Our advanced brain monitors are supported by the following advanced technologies to ensure robust and user-friendly performance.