Research Areas

Currently, our focus is in the following core research areas:


NeuroWave's flagship product, the NeuroSENSE® Monitor for patient-customized anesthesia and sedation, is currently being successfully evaluated for closed-loop anesthesia delivery in a pilot clinical trial.

We are also actively developing a system for intra-operative detection of brain ischemia within an SBIR Phase II project funded by the NIH/NINDS. The initial clinical testing has been successfully carried out, both retrospectively and prospectively, in patients undergoing surgical procedures with high risk of cerebral ischemia.


Under the auspices of NIH/NINDS and Department of Homeland Security, we are developing the the NeuroMedicTM, a field-deployable device for automated seizure detection. This system has shown favorable results on a retrospective EEG database with focal and generalized seizures from patients undergoing long-term monitoring at Cleveland Clinic. The prospective clinical evaluation is presently underway.

Another seizure-detection device, referred to as NeuroFAST, has been designed for the U.S. Army to answer the unmet need for the detection of generalized non-convulsive seizures in war-fighters exposed to nerve agents. A successful completion of this Phase II project yielded an award of a Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP) by the Army for the manufacturing and initial clinical evaluation of the NeuroFAST.


This research area focuses on objective assessment of sleep quality and neurobehavioral evaluation of daytime sleepiness in patients with mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) or psychiatric disorders, and is funded by the NIH and the Department of Defense.