The University of British Columbia Publishes a Landmark Publication on Closed-Loop Anesthesia in Children, using NeuroSENSE® Monitor

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (May, 2013) - NeuroWave Systems Inc. is pleased to congratulate the University of British Columbia (UBC) and its Electrical and Computer Engineering in Medicine (ECEM) - a multidisciplinary research group directed by Prof. Guy Dumont (Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.) and Prof. Mark Ansermino (Dept. of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics; Anesthesia Dept., BC Children Hospital) - on their publication of a closed-loop anesthesia study in 102 pediatric patients.

This landmark paper published in the Pediatric Anesthesia journal demonstrated, for the first time, the feasibility of effective automated anesthesia administration in children, based on their cortical activity levels, which were measured by the NeuroSENSE® Monitor. The manuscript highlighted the limitations of traditional open-loop Target Controlled Infusion techniques in this population, and the role that automated closed-loop system may play in the future for patient-optimized anesthesia delivery.

Dr. Bibian, NeuroWave’s VP of Engineering and Clinical Research stated: "This paper is a clear demonstration of the ability of our WAVCNS cortical index to monitor the effect of anesthetic agents on the brain. We congratulate the ECEM team and Profs. Dumont and Ansermino on their exceptional research, and we are looking forward to further advancement of their closed-loop system."

Ms. Zikov, NeuroWave’s President, added: "even though the NeuroSENSE and its WAVCNS index are currently cleared for adult patients in countries that accept the CE mark, the UBC study shows their applicability in a pediatric population. We are glad that our technology can benefit the most vulnerable, and we will be working with the regulatory bodies in Canada and Europe to expand our indications for use to pediatrics in the nearest future."

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