Four scientific abstracts presented at the ISAP 22nd Annual Meeting, involving the WAVCNS cortical index of the NeuroSENSE® depth-of-anesthesia monitor

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (October 11, 2013) - NeuroWave Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the presentations of four scientific abstracts today at the International Society of Anesthesia Pharmacology (ISAP) 22nd Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA, which involve the WAVCNS cortical index of NeuroWave’s NeuroSENSE® depth-of-anesthesia monitor.

The first abstract showed the results of an independent retrospective study on the effect of Ketamine on the WAVCNS index. The administration of Ketamine (bolus followed by a 0.1 mg/kg/h infusion) has a limited effect on the WAVCNS in the studied dataset. The abstract was presented by Dr. Vereecke from Groningen University.

Two more abstracts were presented by the University of British Columbia (UBC). The first UBC abstract showed the clinical performance of the UBC's closed-loop controlled anesthesia system, using NeuroSENSE WAVCNS as EEG feedback. Targeting and maintaining a WAVCNS level of 50 using the UBC system was associated with a minimal hemodynamic response to surgical incision in adults. Their second abstract presented the successful results of the usability and human factors evaluation of the UBC's closed-loop platform.

The fourth abstract specifically addressed the stability of a closed-loop Propofol controller for automated anesthesia delivery, based on the WAVCNS index. The abstract provided a scientific basis for demonstrating the stability of such controller in a large population of patients. It was presented by Dr. Bibian, NeuroWave’s VP of Engineering and Clinical Research, who stated: "The control design methodology provides a mathematical framework to demonstrate stability, and thus inherent safe design, of a closed-loop target controlled infusion system. Aside from being a good design practice, this is also an essential regulatory step prior to evaluating any such technology in human clinical trials". This work is sponsored by the US Army Medical Research and Material Command, under Contract No. W81XWH-11-C-0078.

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