CE Mark for NeuroSENSE Monitoring System, Model NS-701

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (June 2010) - NeuroWave Systems Inc. announced that NeuroSENSE Monitoring System, Model NS-701 has received CE Mark, allowing it to be sold in Europe.

The NeuroSENSE Monitoring System, Model NS-701, is a bilateral non-invasive electroencephalographic (EEG) device to monitor the brain function in the operating room, intensive care unit, emergency room and other clinical settings. This system acquires, records, displays and processes real-time EEG signals on both sides of the forehead with 4 proprietary electrodes. The brainwaves are analyzed using NeuroWave's proprietary WAVCNS (Wavelet Analysis Value for Central Nervous System) index, providing clinicians with the second-by-second brain status and trends for both brain hemispheres. This aids the anesthesiologist, neurologist, doctor, or nurse by providing a simple 0-100 score of the patient's brain activity. The WAVCNS may be used as an aid in monitoring the effects of certain anesthetic agents on adult patients.

"This is a big day for the NeuroWave Systems' team as we have been working toward this goal for eight years," said Tatjana Zikov, NeuroWave Systems' President. "We are committed to developing innovative brain monitoring technologies for improved cerebral protection and patient outcomes."

"The NeuroSENSE Monitor is a potential paradigm-shifting technology due to its ability to provide continuous and delay-free tracking of changes in the patient's brain status. The NeuroSENSE is the only brain function monitor that calculates independent indices of brain activity for each brain hemisphere, which is important for detecting brain asymmetry due to pathology (such as stroke) or unrecognized artifacts. Such asymmetries cannot be recognized by a single index derived from both sides of the brain. Our system represents a next generation of monitors for depth of anesthesia and sedation. It is an easy-to-use complement to the standard of care during anesthesia or sedation," said Dr. Stephane Bibian, NeuroWave Systems' Director of Engineering & Clinical Research. "The NeuroSENSE Monitoring System has been in use for clinical research in Europe for the past three years. We welcome this opportunity to market and sell our system in markets where CE Mark is recognized."

About NeuroWave:
NeuroWave System Inc.'s mission is to develop, manufacture, and market monitoring products using advanced signal processing of brain waves (electroencephalogram - EEG) and other biosignals for Neurology, Anesthesia, Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry applications, in order to improve patient outcome and quality of life.