NeuroWave Awarded a Multi-Million Dollar Contract to develop a Sedation Autopilot Module for the Navy’s Autonomous Critical Care System

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (September 30, 2014) – NeuroWave Systems Inc. today announced that the company has been awarded a new multi-million-dollar contract from the Office of Naval research to continue its research and development in the field of closed-loop sedation delivery and build for the Navy an automated sedation delivery system.

Since 2011, the Office of Naval Research has engaged on an ambitious path to build a prototype medical robot it calls the Autonomous Critical Care System. The ACCS will autonomously provide fluid, ventilation, drugs, sedation and analgesia, and help regulate a patient’s temperature through constant monitoring of his or her critical vital signs. The system will also have telemedicine capability. In the future, the ACCS will enable an unmanned ambulance for transporting wounded troops or disaster victims, while maintaining their clinical status stable.

Dr. Stéphane Bibian, PhD, NeuroWave’s Vice President of Engineering & Clinical Research and the PI on this project, stated: "NeuroWave is proud to have been chosen by the Navy to develop the automated sedation module for their ACCS. Always vigilant, our en-route sedation autopilot will safely and efficaciously administer intravenous sedatives and analgesics to combat casualties during patient stabilization, and at all levels of en-route care. Our technology is based on continuous, real-time measurements of the depth of sedation using brainwave signals, which are utilized by the system to automatically regulate the administration rate of drugs to achieve desired sedation level.”

"This news is exciting news for NeuroWave as it will allow us to continue our work on this pioneering technology in the field automated anesthesia and sedation delivery. We very much appreciate the opportunity to work with the Navy and contribute to their groundbreaking project”, commented Ms. Zikov, NeuroWave's President.

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