NeuroSENSE® NS-901 Monitor


The NeuroSENSE Monitor represents the latest generation of brain monitors for patient-customized anesthesia and sedation, powered by leading-edge signal acquisition and processing technologies. This unique bilateral brain monitor calculates and displays independent indices of anesthetic effect for each side of the brain, with an instantaneous response to changes in patient state.

For the first time, physicians in the OR and ICU can track simultaneously, and without delay, anesthetic effect measures for each brain hemisphere. Unlike monitoring a single index derived from one or both hemispheres, independent bilateral indices allow clinicians to easily spot any hemispheric differences due to, e.g., underlying pathologies or unrecognized artifacts. This added insight into the patient's brain assists anesthesia providers to make optimal decisions for safer and improved patient care.

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CE Marked and cleared by the FDA - Contact NeuroWave Systems to inquire if available for sales in your market.
Authorized European Representative: Emergo | 2514 AP The Hague | The Netherlands | +31 (0) 70 345 8570


  • Delay-free tracking of patient state via low-noise WAVCNS1 bilateral indices
    • WAVCNS (Wavelet Anesthetic Value for Central Nervous System) indices react instantaneously to changes in patient state
    • Automatic trending provides immediate response without increasing the index noise
  • True bilateral monitoring with great inter-hemispheric reproducibility2
    • Pronounced asymmetry between indices due to underlying pathologies or artifacts can be easily observed3
  • Superior discrimination between consciousness and unconsciousness4
  • Linear response to increasing EEG suppression5
  • Easy-to-use review capability for both EEG tracings and processed data trends
    • Accessible during both live case monitoring and archived case review
    • Case review includes Density Spectral Array  
    • Intuitive touch-screen interface for case browsing
  • Comprehensive case archive
    • Includes raw EEG signals, processed EEG parameters, automated annotations, markers and signal quality indicators
    • All data transferrable to USB drive in EDF+ format
  • Robust hardware and software with superior signal quality
    • Advanced automated artifact detection and removal
    • Electro-surgical interference detection and filtering
    • Cardiac defibrillation proof
    • Continuous measurement of electrode-skin contacts
  • Published and biologically understandable WAVCNS algorithm1
    • WAVCNS is based on the gamma-band of the normalized EEG signal, linked to conscious processing and awareness


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